Danielle T, December 9 2019

The History of Tastea's Green Boba

Move over green eggs and ham, its green boba time!

Picture this: you enter our store and you are greeted by a friendly “Hi, welcome!”.  You order a drink and a Tastea fan favorite: honey boba. You pick up the drink, look at the bottom of the cup, and find a surprise…green boba? 

One of the top questions we receive almost daily is: "Why is your boba green?"
Great question! Well, we are here to answer that for you! But first, let’s learn the fundamentals. What is boba anyway? 

Boba is a delightfully chewy dessert made from tapioca starch, that is most often added to milk teas. It originated in Taiwan in the 1980s and has quickly transformed into a way of life in Garden Grove, California.

So...Why green? 

Tastea was formed on creativity. With our fun beverage names and colorful spin on drinks, we thought, how can we set ourselves apart from the rest of the pack? Then it hit us…what about green boba? Quickly, the green theme caught on and took the bubble tea industry by storm. From our logo to uniforms and name tags, green became the company’s signature color. Today, Tastea's green boba has been our staple for the past 16 years and almost immediately recognizable among boba connoisseurs everywhere.

Within the past few years, Tastea has taken the “go green” theme even further by applying it to our business model. By moving away from styrofoam cups, minimizing our plastic usage, and using food boxes made from recyclable material, green has since implemented itself to becoming our company’s culture. Our latest green effort is producing metal reusable straws made available at all locations.  

Since our opening, green has become a fundamental part of Tastea's identity. So the next time you visit our stores, add-in our signature boba to your favorite drink. We promise it's worthwhile! 


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Danielle T

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