Member Benefits

$2.50 REWARD


For every 30 perks you collect, you’ll receive $2.50 in

Tastea Reward Dollars!


We’ll treat you to a delicious Tastea drink during your

birthday month!


Get exclusive perks & benefits just for being a member!

Start enjoying the sweet perks & rewards associated with your Tastea Rewards card by either logging in or registering a card you picked up in store.

Frequently Asked Questions





What is Tastea Rewards?

Tastea Rewards is Tastea's new loyalty and gifting program for all of our loyal fans. A one-stop-shop for all your Tastea needs, it's how Tastea loves you back. Just pick up a physical card in store and register it online to enjoy the love.

How do I get a Tastea Rewards Card?

Just visit your local Tastea store for a Tastea Reward Card, ask a team member to activate the card and register it here.

Why do I have to register?

Registration is required as it allows Tastea to tailor benefits directly for you. As a registered member, you can choose to receive special offers and promotions via email, such as being alerted when and where your favorite flavors are back. Tastea Rewards registration is also required to redeem the lovely rewards we have for you too (like a present on your birthday!). It also allows you to keep track of your account activity, and in the event that your Tastea Rewards card is lost or stolen we can make sure you get a new one. Be sure you register your phone number so that you can use it to look up your account in case you forget your card or phone.

What are the benefits of being a Tastea Rewards holder and how do I earn them?

These benefits include a birthday treat, and surprises for being a part of our loyalty program. Our loyalty program also allows you to earn points on the yummy treats you purchase. For every $1 you spend you earn 1 point. After you earn 30 Tastea Reward Points, enjoy a $2.50 Tastea Dollar applicable to a future transaction.

Do my Tastea Rewards ever expire?

You have 60 days to enjoy your free reward dollar and your whole birthday month to enjoy your Birthday reward.

What do I need to do to receive emails that include discounts and rewards?

If you pick up a physical card in store, you need to register it here and provide us with the same information during the registration process.

Where can I check my balance if I don't have a physical Tastea Rewards card?

You can always view your account balance by clicking here . Just sign in and go to the Account Balance section.

How can I earn rewards for my purchase if I forgot my phone or Tastea Rewards card?

When you first sign up, make sure to register your Tastea Rewards card & input your name and phone number. Once registered, all you have to do is let the team member know the name and phone number your Tastea Rewards card is registered with, and you're all set.

Does it cost anything to become a Tastea Rewards member?

Nope! Membership is free.

Can my friends use my Tastea Rewards membership?

Yes they can, but you’ll get all the credit and benefits from their purchases. We’re sure your friends would want to earn their own points and rewards so they should sign up for their own account.

Do I earn anything for online orders?

If you are ordering online through our Facebook page, Tastea Online Ordering Android and iPhone app or, you can earn rewards! Once you place your order, provide the phone number that you used to register in the special instruction box. Our team members will then be able to look you up and apply the purchase to your Tastea Rewards account.

Can I use my Tastea Rewards at any Tastea location?


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What is VIP Status and how do I earn it?

VIP is for our extra special fans, being a member gives you awesome perks such as $3 reward dollars for every 30 points you earn & other surprises. To earn VIP Status, you must earn 600 points. Once you're a VIP, you only have to earn 400 points every subsequent year to keep your status.