Danielle T, December 20 2019

The Tiger Sensation Hits Tastea December 2019

We’ve got exciting news hitting the boba-world jungle! Tastea is ending 2019 with a roar by introducing new drinks to their menu line-up called the Tiger Drink Series. 

Tastea’s Tiger Drink Series features two exciting beverages: the Tiger Milk and the Tiger Milk Tea. 

Best known for its mysteriously-streaked look, the unique Tiger beverages are an exciting spin on standard teas. This dual-drink series offers a rich and complex flavor by adding a brown sugar sauce mixed into the base of the drinks as well as along the edge of the cup. 

The Tiger Milk Tea is a reimagined classic milk tea, decorated with brown sugar while the Tiger Milk offers customers the identical drink but as a caffeine-free option.  

Hunting for something dairy-free? Our Tiger Series can also be made with your choice of dairy for customers looking for a lactose-free option. 

The Tiger Drink Series will be available at all Tastea locations Friday, December 20th. 

Unleash your inner tiger and pounce your way to a store. We promise this drink is the cat’s meow! 

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Danielle T

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