Danielle T, January 9 2020

Make Life Sweet! Tastea is Now Offering Stevia

New year, new you! Tastea is kicking off the new year by offering a healthier alternative to its most popular drinks. This year, as part of a campaign moving towards health and wellness, Tastea is launching an exclusive Stevia option for those who want to please their sweet tooth, but not overindulge. 

What is Stevia?

Stevia is a no calorie, natural sweetener derived from a plant. Also known as the candyleaf, Stevia is sweeter than table sugar, yet has no effect on blood sugar levels. Stevia has been known to contain numerous health benefits including lowering blood pressure, reducing the risk of pancreatic cancer, and regulating glucose levels. 

What drinks are available with Stevia? 

By replacing our real cane sugar with Stevia, you can now get classic drinks like our Jasmine Milk Tea, Thai Tea, and our Classic Milk Tea completely sugar-free. Popular drinks in our Specialteas line can also accommodate the Stevia option as a low-sugar alternative reducing calorie intake without sacrificing taste. 

This no-sugar alternative allows customers to stick to their health goals while still being able to enjoy our signature drinks. 

Stevia will be available at all locations starting January 9th, 2020. 

Now you can enjoy your favorite drinks guilt-free! That’s a pretty sweet deal! 

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Danielle T

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